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Sarah's approach to Fusion Bellydance is deeply rooted in technical precision and artistry; she perceives it as a dance form that encourages a mastery of skills and devotion to discipline, or what she fondly refers to as "blissipline."


Through this approach, she believes that one can embark on a journey of personal transformation, transcending the limitations of the mind and body, and ultimately enabling the dancer to reclaim their body, confidence, creativity, and the purest expression of their true self.

In Sarah's perspective, dance is an exquisite facet of life's journey, a realm to savor and explore with profound attention to the intricate nuances of technique. Embracing this mindset, not only will you heighten your body awareness, but you will also cultivate your own technical and artistic mastery.

Inspired by the rich dance traditions of the MENAHT region (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic/Greek, and Turkey) and Central Asia, Sarah's approach seamlessly weaves contemporary elements with its traditional roots. Her own background as a classical ballet and contemporary dancer further enriches this fusion.

Sarah is dedicated to promoting body positivity and values creating a nurturing inspiring and safe space for the Fusion Bellydance community and all lovers of movement.



2024 Term Dates:




Moss Studio Brunswick

Term 1 

Tuesday, March 19 - May 7: L2 Beyond-Beginner, L3 Inter/Adv

Wednesday, March 20 - May 8: L1 Beginner

Term 2 

Tuesday, May 21 - July 9: L2 Beyond-Beginner, L3 Inter/Adv

Wednesday. May 22 - July 10: L1 Beginner

Term 3

Tuesday, July 23 - August 13: L2 Beyond-Beginner, L3 Inter/Adv

Wednesday L1 Beginner (TBC)

Term 4

Tuesday, September 3 - October 29: L2 Beyond-Beginner, L3 Inter/Adv

Wednesday L1 Beginner (TBC)

Term 5

Tuesday, November 12 - Dec 10: L2 Beyond-Beginner, L3 Inter/Adv

Wednesday, L1 Beginner (TBC)


As a small business owner unfortunately no refunds or credits  can be issued for cancelling your enrolment in the duration of the term.

In the rare event that Sarah is unable to take the class (eg. Illness) then the class will be cancelled or postponed to a later date. If the student cannot attend the other date then a refund will be provided.


Missed classes & absences are non-refundable. Only ONE class credit will be provided under special circumstances. Please email to discuss. In this new age of technology, classes can be fully recorded in your absence.


Dance classes can involve risk of personal injury. Sarah Moulton & Moss Upon a Time studios accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the dance studio. You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and mentally fit for the class and during the class you must at all times take care of your own personal safety.

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