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Sarah's approach to Fusion Belly Dance sees it as a dance form where there is a level of mastery and devotional discipline/blissipline required as a means to achieve personal transformation and transcendence of the mind/body’s limitations - enabling the dancer to reclaim their body, confidence, creativity and ultimately the truest expression of themself.

She sees dance and this artform as a beautiful part of life’s journey, something to be savoured, and to explore the depths of the intricate details of technique. By taking this approach not only will you develop increased body awareness but also you will develop your own technical & artistic mastery

Her approach to fusion belly dance is inspired by dances from the MENAHT region (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic/Greek, and Turkey) and Central Asia, fusing contemporary with traditional roots, whilst also drawing on her own experiences as a classical ballet and contemporary dancer.

Sarah's classes focus on body positivity, embodied connection and facilitate in developing individual artistic and soul expression. They are an inclusive and supportive space for all lovers of dance and movement.