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Sarah's approach to Fusion Belly Dance sees it as a dance form where there is a level of mastery and devotional discipline/blissipline required as a means to achieve personal transformation and transcendence of the mind/body’s limitations - enabling the dancer to reclaim their body, confidence, creativity and ultimately the truest expression of themself.

She sees dance and this artform as a beautiful part of life’s journey, something to be savoured, and to explore the depths of the intricate details of technique. By taking this approach not only will you develop increased body awareness but also you will develop your own technical & artistic mastery

Her approach to fusion belly dance is inspired by dances from the MENAHT region (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic/Greek, and Turkey) and Central Asia, fusing contemporary with traditional roots, whilst also drawing on her own experiences as a classical ballet and contemporary dancer.

Sarah's classes focus on body positivity, embodied connection and facilitate in developing individual artistic and soul expression. They are an inclusive and supportive space for all lovers of dance and movement.


Melbourne fusion bellydance tribal fusion belly dance classes performance sarah moulton dance
Melbourne fusion bellydance tribal fusion belly dance classes performance sarah moulton dance



In Person/Studio (Moss Studio Brunswick) 

Technique & Choreography

The initiation series is for the absolute beginner or those returning to dance after a break who want to experience a gentle movement practice.


The classes are a slow flow moving meditation that focus on the serpentine qualities of the spine, balancing fluidity & grace with powerful isolations, allowing you to discover new ways to express yourself through movement.

In this 8-week term you will deep dive into foundational Fusion Bellydance (previously known as Tribal Fusion) movement vocabulary and technique inspiring you to feel more confident and empowered within your body.

AND over the course of the 8 weeks you will learn a beginner level slow and slinky choreography that will be performed at the end of year Christmas party on Dec 20 at Moss Studios (totally optional if you would like to perform it!)


(Beyond Beginner - Intermediate)


In Person/Studio (Moss Studio Brunswick)

Conditioning, Drills & “Cobra” Choreography

Intermediate Fusion Bellydance explores the devotional journey in taking your technique and artistry to the next level.  The classes are a 2hr deep immersion that focuses on strong conditioning practice (inspired by Pilates), medium to fast paced drilling, brain teasing body pathways and an introduction to layering with foot, hip/torso and arm patterns.

This 8-week term you will learn the “Cobra” Choreography that is rich in nuance, layering and musicality. This choreography will be performed at the end of year Christmas party on Dec 20 at Moss Studios (totally optional if you would like to perform it!)

This class is intermediate level and is for those who have completed a minimum of 1yr in Sarah’s beginners’ class, or have had some experience with fusion previously.


The BENEFITS you will gain!


Learning beginner - intermedaite Fusion Belly Dance TECHNIQUE

Learning new MOVEMENT combinations & PATHWAYS

Develop better body CO-ORDINATION and a deep INTIMATE CONNECTION with your body


Transcend percevied body LIMITATIONS

Develop muscular STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY and FITNESS in a fun, pleasurable way

Join a COMMUNITY of incredible humans

Life transformation to committing to MASTERING a BEAUTIFUL artistic dance form



Due to the limited numbers available for in-studio courses and workshops, no refunds or credits can be issued for cancelling your enrolment in the duration of the term.

Once booked, you must give 5 days’ notice before the start of term if you wish to cancel your enrolment.


In the rare event that Sarah is unable to take the class (eg. Illness) then the class will be cancelled or postponed to a later date. If the student cannot attend the other date then a refund will be provided.


Missed classes & absences are non-refundable. Only ONE class credit will be provided under special circumstances. Please email to discuss.


In the case of government lockdowns during in studio term, the remainder of the term will be taught online via ZOOM. Online classes will be recorded and available for the duration of the term. As a bonus you will also receive access to 3 pre-recorded classes that you can take in your own time.

If you present any symptoms or have a positive test please notify Sarah before the class and stay home. 


Dance classes can involve risk of personal injury. Sarah Moulton & Moss Upon a Time studios accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the dance studio. You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and mentally fit for the class and during the class you must at all times take care of your own personal safety.